50-13000 MHz Low-phase-noise, high-performance microwave generator - full band step attenuator, 2 Hz frequency steps, harmonic filtered, Ethernet standard.

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Highest harmonic levels: -30 dBc typical (0.35-13 GHz)
Frequency range: 50-13000 MHz (10-15000 MHz uncalibrated mode)
Power output level: -45dBm to +15dBm

Phase noise at 12 GHz: -94 dBc @ 10 kHz offset
Minimum frequency step size: 2 Hz

Internal attenuator (digital 0-6 GHz): 64 dB (250 x 0.25 dB Steps)
Internal attenuator (digital 6-13 GHz): 64 dB (128 x 0.50 dB Steps)
Internal attenuator (variable 0-15 GHz): ~15 dB (10 bit DAC)

Output impedance: 50 Ohm
RF connector: Premium gold 18 GHz microwave SMA
Ethernet now included as standard

Stand-alone and USB remote operation
Tiny frequency step size
Adjustable output power (70 dB Range, Step & Variable)

Industry-standard SCPI command support
Internal ultra-low phase-noise 100MHz reference
Front user frequency step buttons

List and Scan frequency-sweeping functionality
Front-mounted bright OLED display

Simple Windows control GUI
Easy to interface with any software packages (.NET, Matlab, python, android, linux…)

Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.25" x 5.15"
Input Voltage: 5V Standard USB-C (1.50A max)

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