20-7000 MHz PureSine low phase-noise, full-harmonic-filtered, low-distortion, -45 to +15 dBm calibrated output, premium RF signal generator.

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Extended output frequency range: 20-7100 MHz
Calibrated output frequency range: 25-6500 MHz
Device power output range: -40 to +17 dBm (calibrated)

Phase noise at 6GHz: -95 dBc @ 10 kHz offset
Frequency adjustment step size: 2 Hz
Highest harmonic level: -35dBc typical

Internal attenuator (digital): 64 dB (250 x 0.25 dB steps)
Internal attenuator (variable): ~15 dB (10 bit DAC)

Output impedance: 50 ohm
RF connector: premium gold 18 GHz microwave SMA
Active harmonic filtering for a low-distortion output waveform

Low phase noise for sensitive applications
Stand-alone and USB remote operation
Standard Ethernet (NEW!)

Adjustable output power with both steps and variable tune
Industry-standard SCPI command support
Internal ultra-low phase-noise 100MHz reference

Tiny frequency step size (2Hz)
Front user control buttons for frequency and power levels
Frequency-sweeping support (list & scan)

Front-mounted bright OLED display
Simple Windows control GUI

Easy to interface with all software packages (.NET, Matlab, python, android, linux…)
No extra drivers required for all common host systems
Code examples provided for automated control

Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.25" x 4.15"
Input voltage: 5V Standard USB-C

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