Oscilloscope preamplifier.

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Output has a single pole lowpass filter, tunable from 1 Hz to 1 MHz. This feature reduces the bandwidth, as needed

Selectable DC/AC coupled input (“AC” passes through a .3Hz highpass filter, 1 pole): On DC, each input must be between -0.4V and +0.4V, with respect to case ground, for accurate readings. When set to AC, a DC offset up to +/- 30V can be present. (However, if the inputs rapidly vary by more than .8V peak-to-peak, then the slew rate must be ≤ 2V/sec for accurate amplification)

Inputs are protected to +/- 5KV static and +/-30V unlimited current transients, with respect to case ground
Output impedance is 470 Ω

Selectable gains are 10x, 100x, 1000x (true differential, with CMRR > 90dB). Also positive and negative single-ended inputs can be selected, as well as reference ground. Gain accuracy: +/-1%. (The LNA 10 does not include a 1x gain)

An offset adjustment, equivalent to +/- 1 mV at the input, is present
A BNC output (100 ?) is intended to be connected to a single oscilloscope channel, or to another voltage-reading device (data logger, voltmeter, etc)