FFT analyzer from DC to 100 kHz, single channel, 90 dB dynamic range. With low distortion signal source, RS232 and GPIB.

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Frequency range: DC to 100 kHz
Spans: 191 mHz to 100 kHz in a binary sequence
Center frequency Anywhere within the 0 to 100 kHz
Accuracy: 25 ppm from 20° to 40° C
Resolution: span/400

Number of channels: 1
Input: single-ended or differential
Input impedance: 1 MΩ, 15 pF
Coupling: AC or DC

Full-scale input range: –60 dBV (1.0 mVp) to +34 dBV (50 Vp) in 2 dB steps
Dynamic range: 90 dB (typ.)

Display Functions: real, imaginary, magnitude, phase
Measurements: spectrum, power spectral density, time record and 1/3 octave
Analysis: band, sideband, total harmonic distortion, trace math

GPIB and RS232 interfaces
Dimensions: 430 x 158 x 469 mm
Weight: 16.3 kg