1 GHz arbitrary function generator, 5'' touch screen display, 5 GSa/s, 2 CH, up to 512 Mpts memory.

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Number of channels: 2 differential/single-ended
Bandwidth: 1 GHz
Sample rate: 5 GSa/s

Vertical resolution: 14-bit
Arbitrary waveform: 0.01 Sa/s ~ 2.5 GSa/s sample rate || 24pts ~ 512 Mpts/ch memory depth, with segment editing and playback

Vector signal (Opt.): 500 MS/s max symbol rate || Carrier DC ~ 1 GHz settable. Includes modulation modes such as ASK, PSK, FSK, and QAM. EasyIQ software provides vector signal creation and editing

Continuous waveform: up to 1 GHz, supports harmonic generation function
Pulse: min pulse width 1 ns, min edge 500 ps pulse with low jitter, the rise/fall edge is independently fine adjustable, and the pulse width is fine adjustable

Noise: bandwidth 1 mHz ~ 1 GHz adjustable
PRBS: bit rate 1 ?bps ~ 312.5 Mbps, length PRBS3 ~ PRBS32
Complex signal generation: supports internal/external modulation, AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK, PSK, ASK, etc. Supports sweep, burst

Dual-channel function: interchannel tracking, coupling and copying. Dual-channel superposition function. Supports mutual modulation between channels
Output range: 24 Vpp analog output superimposed ± 12 V DC offset, supports a maximum output range of ± 24 V (48 V)

Digital bus(Opt.): 16-bit, LVTTL or LVDS output. Bit rate 1?bps ~ 1 Gbps
Interface: USB 2.0 Host x3, USB 2.0 Device(USBTMC), LAN 10M/100M(VXI-11)/Telnet/Socket/WebServer, EXT MOD/CNT, 10MHz IN, 10MHz OUT, Markerx2, Trigger In/Out

5" TFT-LCD with capacitive touch screen (800x480)
Supports mouse operation, webserver, SCPI control

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