Integrated-LO wideband 12-22 GHz microwave mixer. Low-noise LO from 12-22 GHz. IF range: 5-6000 MHz. Low conversion loss.

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Integrated 12 – 22 GHz low-noise programmable local oscillator
RF range: 10 – 22 GHz
IF range: LF to 6 GHz

High RF input P1 dB > +12 dBm
Low LO leakage:< -30 dB typ.
LO phase noise at 18 GHz (10KHz offset): ~85 dBc

Low conversion loss (8-12 dB typ.)
Return loss: 10 dB typ.
Reference frequency: ±280 PPB 10 MHz TCXO & 100 MHz VCXO

Micro-USB powered from laptop, battery-pack, smartphone charger, PC…
Compact, rugged aluminum enclosure
Bright and efficient OLED display

Simple and effective control interface
Industry standard virtual COM port serial commands
Ultra-premium gold 50 ohm microwave SMA ports

Internal precision reference frequency source
Reference input and output MCX ports (10 MHz & 100 MHz)