High voltage differential probe, 100 MHz, 50x 500x, 750 Vmax.

Excl. Vat
The indicated shipment price may vary according to the number of boxes.

Bandwidth: 100MHz
Rise time: < 3.5 ns
Attenuation: 50x, 500x

Gain accuracy: ±2%
Max. differential Test Voltage (DC+AC PK): 75 V (50x), 750 V (500x)
Max. input common mode voltage(DC+AC PK): CAT II 1000V

Input referred noise: <3 mVpp (50x), < 3 mVpp (500x)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio:
> 80dB (DC)
> 80dB (100KHz)
> 60dB (1MHz)

Input impedance: 8 MOhm || 1.25 pF (differential), 4 MOhm || 2.5 pF (single end to ground)
Output voltage: < 1.4 V
Power: 1 W

Power supply: DC 5 V, USB supply
Overrange alarm: button light flashes