Professional sound level meter datalogger with A e C weighting, 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz, with USB interface.

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Frequency range: 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz
Dynamic range: 50 dB
Measuring range: 30 to 130 dB

Accuracy: ± 1.4 dB
Data output: USB computer interface (advanced software program for all windows OS)

Data memory (measuring points): 262144
Sampling rate: 2x / sec

Frequency weighting: A, C with datalogger function
Time weighting: fast (125 ms), slow (1 s)
Microphone: 1/2" electret condenser microphone

Operation temperature / humidity: -20° to +60° C / 10% to 90% RH
Operating altitude: < 2000 m

Normal and peak mode, max & min measurements, overrange display, manual and automatic start mode
fast & slow response, analog AC/DC outputs for connection to frequency analyzer or X-Y shaft recorder
Power supply: 1 x 9 V battery 6F22 (incl.)

Dimensions: 252 x 66 x 33 mm
Weight with battery: 258 g