Programmable electronic load, 0-150 A, 0-240 V, 2000 W.

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Current: from 0 to 150 A
Voltage: from 0 to 240 V
Power: 2000 W @ 40° C

Four basic testing modes: CC, CV, CR and CP; twelve basic working modes: CCL, CCH, CVL, CVH, CRL, CRH, CP, CCL+CV, CCH+CV,CRL+CV, CRH+CV, CP+CV

The 16 bit D/A converters and 24 bit A/D converters incorporated, provide the equipment with greatly enhanced setting and measurement resolution. The D/A conversion rate can reach 500 kHz and the high-speed performance is overall increased

Minimum operating voltage is less than 1.8 V at the load’s full rated current. The maximum current can be achieved even though the input voltage is 0 V, which is especially suitable for the fuel cell, solar cell, auto charger and other new energy test application

The load is with powerful protection function and is reliable in the most complicated test environment
High resolution TFT-LCD display
High-speed transient test function: the maximum test frequency can reach 50 kHz and the current response speed can be 15 A/µs

Powerful sequential test function: the minimum step time is 10 µs and the maximum step time is 99999 s. Cyclic times can be set freely and can be chained to another sequence to realize more complex test procedure
The high-efficiency intelligent cooling system can ensure the equipment has a long-term, full-power, trouble-free and continuous work

Automatic ON/OFF function effectively simply the test operation
The combined use of knob and number keypad makes the operation more convenient
Save/Recall function can save multiple groups of common settings

With OCP, OPP, OTP protection function and OV, RV alarm function
Supporting SCPI and LabView and providing necessary PC software